The ultimate online to offline journey

Our social commerce platform combined with our real-life retail stores gives brands the easiest opportunity to build a truly comprehensive marketing strategy to reach new customers, showcase and sell their products, and rapidly scale to new markets.

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  • Market

    Reach new customers and gain brand exposure in our stores across the US. Connect your online and offline customer journey with b8ta TV, shopping appointments, and brand activations.

  • Educate

    Our b8ta tester store staff become ambassadors for your brand equipped with product knowledge and the perfect product demonstration—both in our stores and on b8ta TV.

  • Sell

    Our social commerce platform and our stores provide unique and experience driven outlets to sell or showroom your product.

  • Scale

    Our innovative tech platform ensures you are optimizing your b8ta placement as you grow and scale your brand to new markets.

Retail focused on achieving your goals.

Online and offline discovery experiences.

Offer your customers multiple ways to experience your product including livestream demos, virtual appointments, private in-store shopping sessions.

Easily manage your retail placement.

Retail sales have never been so easy. Setup your brand, control pricing and content, manage inventory, and review transactions in our platform designed for sales.

Measure, analyze, optimize.

Unlike regular retail, you get real time data on the customers who see, engage with, and purchase your product.

Online and offline discovery experiences.Easily manage your retail placement.Measure, analyze, optimize.
interior of b8ta store
  • Modernized for 2021.

    The worldwide pandemic motivated us to create new opportunities to make the b8ta retail experience accessible for customers and brands despite the change in the retail landscape. We’ve updated our stores, put a renewed focus on digital, and created a new model that allows us to continue to offer our same great retail space through a more flexible type of partnership.

Located in premier retail spaces.

b8ta stores are in many major U.S. markets. Partner with us and we’ll place your product in the best locations for your brand.

b8ta Gatehouse

In partnership with the Golden State Warriors, b8ta has the marquee location directly in front of the newly built Chase Center that will serve as a world-class sports and entertainment destination. b8ta’s Gatehouse storefront will be one of a kind with next level experiential opportunities.

b8ta Houston

Located in Houston’s prestigious Uptown District at The Galleria, the 5th largest shopping center in the United States, b8ta Houston features VR and audio experience rooms as well as a connected kitchen section.

b8ta Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards is one of the newest and most cutting-edge communities and shopping destinations in the United States. As the new hub for fashion, design, communications and art, Hudson Yards is a beacon for creative professionals and technology, growing at five times the rate of the rest of Manhattan.

Qwerky Toyz
Qwerky Toyz logo

With b8ta, we were offered an avenue to showcase our unique product so that people could interact with it in that way. The business model that b8ta provides small companies like us makes it very easy, very scalable.

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Brian MinFounder

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Google logo

We see b8ta being Google’s premier retail destination where we are confident in the customer experience, messaging and overall brand representation across the country.

Retail Marketing Team

NeoLab Convergence
NeoLab Convergence logo

b8ta has brought a refreshing change to the retail environment. While everyone else says retail is dead, they are proving every day that it is certainly not.

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Stephen DixVP Sales

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Omigo logo

In a world where the red tape and regulations of traditional retail can seem a bit daunting for the strapped startups and lean-driven trendsetters, b8ta has done something truly new.

Daniel Lalley

Launching in retail has never been so easy.

Launching a multi-channel retail strategy has never been so easy. Brands that launch with b8ta have quick and easy access to both real-life retail, custom created content, and widespread awareness, ensuring innovative product makers have the marketing tools they need all in one simple partnership.

Social commerce.

Social commerce.

Custom b8ta content featuring your brand and digitally distributed to millions worldwide.

Dynamic in-store merchandising.

Dynamic in-store merchandising.

Customizable digital display featuring details, pricing, and images of your product.

Built to scale.

Built to scale.

Flexible partnership opportunities that scale with your brand.

Staff training and management.

Staff training and management.

Our staff are world class. We hire, train, and manage so they become your best brand ambassadors.

Experience analytics dashboard.

Experience analytics dashboard.

Comprehensive dashboard for managing and tracking your retail experience.

Full service operations.

Full service operations.

Streamlined operations, back-end logistics and inventory management.

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Join the world’s most innovative brands building retail experiences at b8ta.

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