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Twin Coding Kit

Twin Coding Kit


Game-based computer programming kit for kids age 9-12.

Coding Kit is a creative coding toy that teaches the basics of computer programming. You can write codes that control the robots you build using electronic building blocks and craft materials.

  • No experience or knowledge required
  • Compatible with LEGO®
  • Kid-friendly guidebook
  • 50 hours of coding curriculum teaching fundamentals
  • Open-source, flexible, and extensible Arduino based development card
  • Connect the Twin modules to build and code ideas
  • Learn from any platform: desktop or app


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Product Video

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Twin Science
Our mission is to empower children by integrating science with universal values. We encourage them to solve the world’s problems. We help kids discover new passions and bring out their unique talents. We believe children must gain 21. century...Learn More about Twin Science