Travelab Freedom Pack

Travelab Freedom Pack


The World's 1st Packable Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

Slash-Resistant, Packable, Weatherproof and Safe - with zips hidden against your back. The Freedom Pack by Travelab is the ultimate travel backpack that fits in your pocket. Designed to help you stress free and focus on what truly matters - what's in front of you.

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Compression Packing cubes

Compression Packing cubes

A perfect complement to The Freedom Pack and your travels.



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At Travelab, our goal is to inspire more people to travel freely. We believe that travel is not about the destination, but about enjoying the journey. By eliminating the stress associated with travel, we're building a community of adventurers who approach exploration with ease, comfort and presence. We call this Gear That Delights - and are committed to creating the highest quality gear to get you out there.

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