Thero Magic Mug

Thero Magic Mug


Say goodbye to your thermos and normal cup. Grab your mug and take a sip. Life should be this easy.

Non-electric - Enjoy your perfect cup of coffee anytime, anywhere you want.

Fast cooling - Instant cooling to the perfect temp in 2 minutes, no more waiting.

Keep perfect - Keeps it at the perfect temp for 5 hours, once perfect, always perfect.

Elegant Design, Easy to use - Push to open top, ceramic feeling, leak proof and perfect slope.

How It Works - The patented material layer will absorb extra heat, and slowly release it back to keep your drink at perfect temperature.

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Product Video


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Turns out the same technology that keeps the space shuttle from burning up in the earth’s atmosphere is a hot beverage’s best friend. So we borrowed a little space technology to build a travel mug that optimizes temperature in minutes, holds steady for hours, requires no peripheral accessories, and goes anywhere. And temperature optimization means you’re drinking safer, healthier, more delicious hot drinks while dramatically reducing waste. Now that’s multitasking. Oh, and it’s 100% sustainable and biodegradable. You’re welcome, beautiful planet.

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