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nodpod Weighted Eye Mask

nodpod Weighted Eye Mask


Weighted blanket for your eyes.

All the benefits of a weighted blanket in a mask.

  • Strap-free design: no velcro or elastic
  • Scalloped edge contours to your face
  • Pull through slit for 360° head-hugging comfort
  • Four equally weighted pods keep pressure across the eyes and face
  • Pods filled with BPA-free polyethylene (PE) beads
  • Hollow ends ensure head resting comfort in any position
  • Two-sided: Jersey cotton and warm microfiber
  • Stays soft and flexible from the freezer
  • Scent-free, machine washable


Product Video

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Q & A

10 years ago nodpod founder Melissa Bamberg tried to find the best fill material to weight her idea for a strap-free sleep mask and discovered the clinical phenomenon of Deep Touch Pressure. It became her mission to create a sleep mask that...Learn More about NodPod