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The Smart Wine Aerator, by Aveine

The Smart Wine Aerator, by Aveine


Any wine, perfecty aerated in an instant, every single time.

Aveine is the first connected wine Aerator in the world. It can aerate precisely any wine, in an instant. The device comes with an app.
The use is very simple: uncork the bottle, scan the label, the right level of aeration is set automatically to fit the selected bottle. The wine is aerated while you pour. The only thing left to do is enjoy a perfectly aerated glass of wine!


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Product Video

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Q & A

Aveine was born in France. It is the result of the meeting of three entrepreneurs with very different backgrounds: an engineer, grandson of a winegrower, Nicolas Naigeon, a designer Matthieu Robert, and a business developer expert, Miranda...Learn More about Aveine