Introducing the Longest Range Tracker Ever with a replaceable battery and a sleeker design... You can't lose!

Introducing the longest range tracker ever with a replaceable battery, improved longevity, and a sleeker design. Use it to keep track of your keys, phone, luggage, purses, cameras, and other valuables.


– A replaceable battery of up to 1 Year of life.

– Long range of up to 200 feet.

– Loud speaker and bright LED to make finding easier no matter where it is.

– Finder button: Sounds your phone’s alarm, helping you locate your misplaced phone even when it’s on silent, and app not running.


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Our vision is to help people stay connected to their valuables and loved ones. We've designed feature rich solutions that help you keep track of your valuables, with numerous fun features. Our Pebblebee product line caters to both consumers...Learn More about Pebblebee