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The Adventure Begins Storybook by Axol & Friends

The Adventure Begins Storybook by Axol & Friends


Storybook about an endangered little axolotl on a globe-trotting quest.

Axol & Friends is a brand created to raise awareness about quirky, rare endangered species.

  • Characters based on real species of the world's most vulnerable animals
  • Adventure begins with Axol the axolotl, a lonely salamander in Mexico City
  • Axol meets Java the pangolin, freeing him from captivity and promising to help him return home to Thailand
  • Along the way, Axol & Java make friends, learn lessons, and explore social and environmental mental issues
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Axol and Friends
Axol & Friends is a socially-conscious startup that designs characters in the image of endangered plant and animal life. Our goal is to raise awareness of rare endangered species while also raising money to empower youth to be activists!Learn More about Axol and Friends