Supherb Red Ginseng Shot

Supherb Red Ginseng Shot


Supherb Red Ginseng Shot

The Supherb Ginseng Shot is for those who are looking for a next-level ginseng product that's more effective, premium, and higher-quality. Ginseng has been shown to boost immunity and stamina. Each Supherb bottle is 100% natural with no additives, filled with the daily recommended 1,000mg of highest quality Korean ginseng extract directly sourced from local Korean farms. Through patented technology, it delivers a stunning absorption rate of ginseng’s core nutrients when compared to pills.


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We see future of wellness in Asian herbs. Supherb cuts out factors that unfairly raise the price, offering a quality Korean red ginseng at a fair price. Natural sweetness from pure honey & jujube is balanced with Red Ginseng’s dryness to reduce bitterness and create a smooth but deep, delightful flavor.

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