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SoloQi Magnetic Wireless Charging

SoloQi Magnetic Wireless Charging


SNAP & CHARGE over 200 phone models

○ SoloQi 360 system includes 2 X Mounts and a PRO to keep you powered everywhere: home, office, in the car, or on the go.

○ SoloQi PRO (7000mAh) can charge your phone fully twice and 2 devices simultaneously.

○ SoloQi X Car | Desk Mount, fast 10W wireless charger at any angle.

○ SoloQi SLIM (2750mAh) a traveler's lifesaver wireless battery charger with a kickstand and USB port - No wires needed.

○ All products include Nano reusable Mag Pads and Single-Use Mag Pads for you and to share.


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The new decade we’ve just entered, is going to be dominated by Qi wireless enabled devices. SoloQi is the only solution to deliver a seamless charging experience for every phone user in the world to simply Snap&Charge. No more hustling with...Learn More about SoloQi