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Smart Nora Snoring Solution

Smart Nora Snoring Solution


Smart sensor snoring solution for use with your own pillow.

Sleep in any position, keep your pillow. Smart Nora's silent and gentle motion is designed to not wake up the snorer.

  • Smart sensor detects the earliest sounds of snoring
  • Padded pillow insert slowly inflates and deflates to move your head
  • Gentle rise and fall stimulates the upper throat muscles
  • Restores natural breathing
  • Doesn't disturb the snorer or their partner
  • Independent study validated Smart Nora's effectiveness
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Smart Nora
Smart Nora builds products that promote wellbeing and enhance the quality of life. Their team is a lean and mighty team of designers, engineers, data scientists, and customer experience specialists. Smart Nora is their debut product, which has...Learn More about Smart Nora