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Skill Flux Toy Set

Skill Flux Toy Set


Novelty desktop toy with anti-gravity effect paired for learning tricks.

Flux Original is a STEM gadget demonstrating a "magical" anti-gravity effect. Flux is the ideal executive desktop gadget.

  • Drop the heavy metal ball into the copper tube
  • Watch the ball defying gravity as it descends slowly inside 
  • No batteries or electronics involved – "powered by" physics Lenz's Law
  • Includes two Flux toys to learn challenging skills
  • Built to last forever
  • Includes desktop stand & velvet pouch in premium gift-box packaging
  • Finished with high-quality leather cover
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Q & A

Feel Flux
Feel Flux was created by two Hungarian undergraduates, Tom and Adam. They were studying Lenz’s law, the unique magnetic principle and loved it so much they decided to make it available for everyone. They started the project during their last...Learn More about Feel Flux