The only smart safe.

By combining connected technology and contemporary design, SILO represents the evolution of the safe.

Biometrics <> Sensors <> IoT Integration <> Mobile Compatibility

  • Link SILO to your mobile phone via SMS or the iOS app.

  • Receive security notifications for force/tampering detected or failed access attempts.

  • Lockdown your safe remotely to prevent access and deter thieves.

  • Share SILO with up to 4 people, monitor each others activity, and even grant one-time access codes.
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We believe that the feeling of safety is beautiful - on Maslow's hierarchy of needs it comes right after food, water, and sex. That's why we thought of every possible way we could improve a sense of safety when it comes to protecting what matters most to you. As the first truly IoT safe, SILO does what safes have failed to do for years: apply modern technology and design.

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