Pure Silk Luxe Robe

Pure Silk Luxe Robe


Pure Luxury Mulberry Silk Robe - Immerse yourself in pleasure - machine washable

Slip into total luxury. Made from the finest 100% pure mulberry silk found in the world, Our Silken Pure robe features a wrap around design. Our Silken Pure Robe will arrive in a luxurious gift box that will delight any lucky woman. Because our silk is 100% natural it contains 18 amino acids that aid to hydrate and protect skin. Our silk is a natural temperature regulator, you will feel the soothing and cool benefits as you wrap yourself in this luxury.

One size- Length:40 inches

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Silken Pure

Discover why Pure Silk Pillowcases are the missing link for radiant hair and skin. All of our silk comes directly from Farm to Home. I work directly with the silk farm/ manufacturer to ensure highest and purest quality. contains 18 amino acids.

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