Roadster V2 Electric Bike

Roadster V2 Electric Bike


Stealth class 3 electric bike with concealed battery.

Simple, fast, and fun, this electric bike is as clean as it gets. Perfect for flat surfaces and urban commutes.

  • Concealed internal Samsung Cell battery
  • Quiet motor
  • Belt drive
  • Compact LCD display
  • Fully smoothed alloy frame
  • pedal assist up to 24 mph
  • 500w (peak) 350W (sustained) geared motor with 40nm torque
  • 20-35 mile range
In Store Exclusive

This item is available for demos in stores.

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Product Video

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Product Video

b8ta Unboxed featuring Roadster

Product Video

b8ta Unboxed featuring the Ride1Up Roadster


Q & A

After building electric bikes by hand, the Ride1Up founders realized one important thing: These things are life-changing. So why sell their own? Sleek, fast, and affordable quality simply wasn’t available. Ride1Up believes that quality...Learn More about Ride1UP