Campfare - Rice and Quinoa with Pink Beans

Campfare - Rice and Quinoa with Pink Beans


Our Rice and Quinoa is fully cooked, shelf stable and ready-to-eat right from the pouch!

Our Brown Rice and Red Quinoa is made from quality grains, seasoned and cooked with pink beans, fresh onions and garlic. It's a satisfying dish on it's own or the perfect side dish to pair with any of our offerings! Boost your kcal count and round out your meals!

As with all of our meals our Rice & Quinoa is fully cooked, shelf stable and requires no refrigeration. Ready to eat right from the pouch so its portable and great for camping, travel road trips and your pantry at home!

1.5 servings


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Campfare believes that high quality food should be convenient and easy. That’s why we proudly offer our chef-crafted, ready-to-eat foods that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. From our test kitchen to your campsite, our meals are made with the finest ingredients and designed to power an active lifestyle.

Our meals are fully hydrated and ready to eat which makes them easier to prepare and better tasting than typical dried camping meals. Perfect for camping and definitely tasty enough for the home!

Let us fuel your adventures with healthy, high-quality foods that make you feel great and are ready for you when you need them!

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