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REM Sleep

REM Sleep


Ultra-absorbable sleep supplement to support falling asleep and REM sleep.

This effective sleep supplement is formulated with calming herbs, amino acids, and sleep hormone support to help you fall asleep more easily, sleep more soundly, and achieve REM sleep, so you wake up refreshed and able to perform the next day.

  • Supports all 4 stages of sleep
  • Calming herbal extracts to soothe mind & body
  • Specific nutrients to help your body regulate its temperature
  • Natural ingredients that support sleep hormone regulation
  • Pill-free: MICROGEL™ ultra absorption gel packs


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Healthycell is based on the simple idea that nutrients need to be absorbed into the bloodstream and then into cells where they work to improve health. Their mission is to help people reach their true potential by harnessing the power of...Learn More about Healthycell