Reflex Sleeveless

Reflex Sleeveless


To gain lightness while keeping the same protection standards, we’ve created intelligent reversibility :

For the falls, each jacket is equipped with a pocket in which you can slide back protector D3O. .
For daytime visibility, we have placed large green or orange fluorescent bands allowing you to be visible in any circumstance.
For nighttime visibility, we have retro reflective strips in the back and front.
Even in the middle of summer and in the middle of the season, we are exposed to rains and sometimes cold temperatures.
Thanks to this fabric you will stay safe from a possible change of weather.

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Inventive Citi is a French high-end clothing brand whose mission is to protect you. Protect against the weather, traffic, handgun bullets and bacteria. Our philosophy is that a functional and protective garment can also meet the aesthetic...Learn More about INVENTIVE CITI