quip Electric Toothbrush

quip Electric Toothbrush


Includes an electric brush, travel cover (doubles as mirror mount), plus convenient travel-sized toothpaste.

Perfect oral health comes from good technique and a consistent routine, so we designed a toothbrush that makes these good habits simple. Our vibrating electric toothbrush will actually make you want to brush twice daily, and the two minute timer will ensure you’re brushing for the right amount of time. We’ll also deliver you fresh brush-heads every three months, as recommended by dentists. Ditch needless cleaning modes, bulky chargers and expensive brush-heads—simplify your oral health.


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quip is the oral care company designing and delivering products, advice and professional services to make oral health more simple, accessible, and enjoyable — starting with a better electric toothbrush. As the first to market direct-to-consumer oral care subscription service — with fresh supplies delivered every three months for $5 with free shipping worldwide, oral care advice sent straight to hundreds of thousands of consumers, and a bidirectional tech platform currently in development to connect users with a large dental professional network — quip is working to elevate every part of the oral care experience for everyone.

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