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quip Electric Toothbrush

quip Electric Toothbrush


Vibrating electric toothbrush with travel cover that doubles as a mirror mount.

Quip was designed to make good habits simple. Ditch needless cleaning modes, bulky chargers, and expensive brush-heads—simplify your oral health.

• Two-minute timer
• Timed sonic vibrations
• Soft-bristle brush head
• Fresh brush-heads delivered every three months with plan
• Cover and travel-size toothpaste included


Product Video

b8ta Unboxed featuring Quip

Product Video

b8ta Unboxed featuring quip Electric Toothbrush


Q & A

quip was founded to prove that good design has a bigger impact on oral health than quick-fix gimmicks. quip is the oral care company designing and delivering products, advice, and professional services to make oral health more simple,...Learn More about quip