Polygon Lights Expansion Pack

Polygon Lights Expansion Pack


Create countless light shapes with the POLYGON™ magnetic tiles, and make your wall shine, like no one else.

Polygon Expansion pack is an add on product to the Starter Pack. Add an extra 10 tiles with this pack.

Design your own shape.
The Polygon tiles connect to each other from every side, creating endless possibilities for every space.

Swipe for light
Simply swipe across the areas you want to turn on, swipe again to turn off.

Easy installation
Magnetic edges mean quick and easy installation. Connect the tiles to each other, stick them to the wall, plug and swipe away.


Product Video

Product Video


Q & A

Here at Polygon, we like to think a little differently. Based in the heart of New York City, we focus on creating unique, design-focused products. A true reflection of our values, our design process allowed us to bring unparalleled innovation...Learn More about Polygon