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OVAL Smart Home

OVAL Smart Home


OVAL Smart Home includes 1 hub & 2 sensors that alert you about temperature, light, humidity, motion & water.

OVAL is a privacy-focused 5-in-1 smart sensor that monitors & alerts you in real-time to sudden or gradual changes in temperature, light, humidity, motion & water -- without invasive cameras or microphones. OVAL sensors provide home security, environmental monitoring, leak detection & peace of mind by turning any ordinary room, area or object into a smart & connected one instantly. Know what's happening at home & receive alerts wherever you are in the world directly to your smartphone.

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OVAL Digital, Inc.
Meet OVAL. A privacy focused, discreet, 5-in-1 multi-function smart sensor that alerts users in real-time to gradual or extreme changes in motion, water, temperature, humidity and light -- all without the use of microphones or cameras!Learn More about OVAL Digital, Inc.