Onli Venture Backpack

Onli Venture Backpack


World Class Convertible Backpack - superb organization, expandable, modular - splits into two lighter packs.

Organized: optimized for your commute - quick access to electronics.

Modular: splits into two backpacks when needed.

Expandable: Becomes your perfect 4-day weekender bag.

Advanced: Rain-proof, comfortable, protective, super-durable materials and construction.

Minimal: Ergonomic, close-to-back design speeds you through crowds.

Optimized for Travel: Zips to rolling carry-on for one bag travel.




Attachable hip-belt for the Onli Travel Venture Rolling Pack & Backpack



Q & A

Onli Travel

We enable people to travel easily, with more flexibility, less hassle and stress. One bag travel (it’s really four bags in one) should anticipate and meet the traveler’s needs, whether commuting to work, exploring a new city, hopping on a plane for a four-day, four- city business trip, or for three weeks trekking in Nepal. We use technology and design to help people travel hassle free and easily adapt on the fly to whatever their journey throws at them.

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