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Onli Travel Venture Rolling Pack

Onli Travel Venture Rolling Pack


Three-part modular luggage that always fits. World-class backpack with carry-on.

This is the most advanced one-bag travel system on the market:

  • Modular, three-part, TSA Checkpoint-Friendly design - never check a bag again!

  • World-class professional daypack zips to rolling suitcase, and zips off at destination.

  • Front straps to airplane seat in front of you for easy in-flight access; zip-down shelf holds your tablet.

  • Expandable with multiple configurations - anticipates your travel needs!

  • Perfectly organized, with advanced, water-resistant, durable materials.


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Attachable hip-belt for the Onli Travel Venture Rolling Pack & Backpack



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Onli Travel
We enable people to travel easily, with more flexibility, less hassle and stress. One bag travel (it’s really four bags in one) should anticipate and meet the traveler’s needs, whether commuting to work, exploring a new city, hopping on a...Learn More about Onli Travel