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Onli Travel Packing Cube Set

Onli Travel Packing Cube Set


Complete set of 8 specific packing cubes that perfectly integrates with the Venture Rolling Pack or Backpack.

With the full set of Onli Travel Packing Cubes, you can effortlessly pack for a trip of virtually any type or duration. The cube system helps you organize your packing space in an optimal way.

Complete set of all 8 task-specific packing cubes includes:
- Shirt & Pants Folder - Suit Folder
- Socks & Underwear Cube - Toiletries Cube
- 2X Shoe Cube - 3-1-1 Cube
- Small Items Cube - Cords/Charger Cube


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Attachable hip-belt for the Onli Travel Venture Rolling Pack & Backpack



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