Onewheel+ XR

Onewheel+ XR


The Onewheel+ XR is the closest thing you can get to the smooth floating flow of riding powder on a snowboard.

No Remote Required: Lean forward to go, back to slow down, it is that easy.

Cruise Any Terrain: Ride it on pavement, grass, dirt, gravel or even the beach.

Crush Hills: Incredibly smooth power and torque to climb over anything.

Built Like a Tank: Onewheels are built to take a beating so don't be afraid to send it!

Don't Sweat the Bumps: Onewheel's large air filled tire provides a plush ride over cracks and bumps for the smoothest ride in the game.


Product Video

Product Video


Fender Kit

Fender Kit

The Onewheel Fender allows you to embrace the elements and attack the messiest lines head on.



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