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blendSMART2 Metallic Shimmer Rotating Makeup Set

blendSMART2 Metallic Shimmer Rotating Makeup Set


A motorized brush inspired by the circular motion of makeup pros. Engineered to deliver flawless results.

Upgrade your beauty routine with the next generation in makeup tools. Our patented 360 spin mimics the motion of MUA's, delivering easy, flawless, and healthy makeup results. It's like having a makeup artist at home.
Eliminates makeup mistakes and reduces the appearance of fine lines.
Use less of YOUR favorite liquid, creme or powder makeup for better skin health.


Motorized Handle
Interchangeable Antimicrobial Foundation Brush
Customized Cosmetic Bag
Battery + 1yr. Warranty


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The blendSMART rotating makeup brush will forever simplify your beauty routine. Finally, achieve fabulously, flawless airbrush results without being a makeup artist.Learn More about blendSMART