Neck Gaiter

Neck Gaiter


Face Covering Neck Gaiter

Face Covering Neck Gaiter Features:

  • Built-In Ear Loops to ensure they hold up & in place during a walk, run, bike ride or workout
  • Versatile, multi-purpose wear as neck gaiter, head band, face mask, etc.
  • Lycra Sport Fabric | Anti-Microbial Properties | Moisture-Wicking | UPF 50+ Sun Protection
  • Offers limited protection & best if layered with a medical-grade filtered face mask
  • Made in the USA

Note/Disclaimer: This product is not FDA approved, nor considered a medical-grade quality mask.


Q & A


“Cancer has taken an unwelcome role in my life, stealing the lives of both my parents, the life of a dear friend, and the lives of several acquaintances. After watching my mom battle breast cancer for six long years, I made a personal decision to live healthier. I began educating myself about health and potential risk factors. I began eating clean, making smart choices, and exercising regularly.

As the owner and founder of SportPort™, my journey to a safer, healthier, and better way of life has been my drive and determination in developing this sportswear product line that focuses on the overall well-being of the wearer.

I discovered shocking evidence regarding the potential dangers from cell phone EMF emissions, including how it can damage soft-tissue DNA over time. This, by definition, is how cancer cells develop.

These EMF emissions shake-up and can gradually break down your healthy cell tissue, thus, potentially causing cancerous cells to take over. Many scientists believe this radiation can cause cancer. We are cautioned not to hold our cell phones too closely to our bodies, but cell phones are a nearly indispensable part of modern life. The need for products that shield our bodies from this danger is essential to our health. With this particular concern in mind I, Kim Highfield, developed a patented pocket design to protect against these potentially harmful emissions from passing through the body. SportPort™ incorporates this technology into functional and fashionable activewear that allows you to stay connected, while still protecting your body. As a health-seeking, active woman, the only role I want cancer to have in my life is a passive one. I want to arm people with the power of prevention which is a worthy adversary to such a destructive disease.”

~ Kim Highfield, SportPort™ CEO & Founder

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