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Myovolt Wearable Vibration Therapy

Myovolt Wearable Vibration Therapy


A daily wearable physio treatment you can use anytime, anywhere

Myovolt is a cutting edge wearable massage device using targeted vibration technology to warm-up, loosen and relieve soreness or stiffness in muscles and joints. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, Myovolt gives you the power to recover - anywhere, anytime.
-Engineered for comfort
-3 physio designed treatment programs
-Fast 10 min treatment time
-Integrated touch controls
-USB Rechargeable LiPo battery
-Used by athletes, designed for everyone
-Backed by clinical research
-Portable, TSA approved

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By harnessing Focal Vibration engineered for the body, we have taken wearable performance tech to the next level. Myovolt is not only effective as a muscle warm-up device, but it is a unique technology for muscle recovery too. Myovolt is now...Learn More about Myovolt