Axol & Friends - Mr. Cactus Plush

Axol & Friends - Mr. Cactus Plush


This plush is a cartoon cactus with a mustache. 1/3 of all cactus species are threatened with extinction

Mr. Cactus has a certain charm about him and quite the wit, but he also knows the value of humility. Mr. Cactus relies on friends to help him travel.

The plush is made of a polyester/cotton blend, ethical labor, and comes in our plastic-free display box (made of recycled cardboard)

Axol & Friends is a brand created to raise awareness about rare endangered plants and animals while raising funds for youth empowerment programs.

We offset carbon emissions by planting 10 trees with every sale.


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Product Video


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Axol and Friends

Axol & Friends is a socially-conscious startup that designs characters in the image of endangered plant and animal life. Our goal is to raise awareness of rare endangered species while also raising money to empower youth to be activists!

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