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EQUA Mismatch Glass Bottle

EQUA Mismatch Glass Bottle


BPA-free, recyclable glass bottle.

EQUA's glass bottle will support your sustainable lifestyle so you can do good, feel good, and look good.

• Faux-leather or felt cover options
• Reusable to reduce your plastic waste
• Premium-quality glass with stainless steel lid
• 750 ml / 25 oz. volume
• 100% leak-proof
• BPA free
• Resistant to big thermal changes
• Made in Europe
• Recyclable

In Store Exclusive

This item is available for demos in stores.

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Q & A

EQUA believes that it’s possible to be aware of our body, style, and environment altogether. And they've made it their mission to craft and deliver premium quality products that follow strict codes of ethics for the greater good of all. EQUA...Learn More about EQUA