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Mi Truck Builder

Mi Truck Builder


Truck-building toy with 500+ parts for mechanical design fun.

Small parts packing major building fun. The Mi Truck Builder is made up of more than 500 parts which bring the shape and transmission structure of the truck to life. The assembly is an exercise in patience but opens the door to imagination.

  • Pure mechanical transmission control
  • Miniature steering wheel control
  • Gears that simulate the loading/unloading of a real truck
  • Independent rotating wheels
  • Six soft plastic tires for any terrain
  • High precision parts for better assembly and fee


Product Video

b8ta Unboxed featuring Xiaomi Mi Truck Builder


Q & A

The "MI" in their logo stands for “Mobile Internet”. Xiaomi is an internet company that creates smartphones and smart hardware that lets everyone in the world enjoy a better life through innovative technology. Xiaomi has established the...Learn More about Xiaomi