Lovesphere Sound Necklace

Lovesphere Sound Necklace


Lovesphere Wireless Sound Necklace with 9-carat Gold plated heart-to-heart Qliq! and mounted cubic zirconia

The Emmesphere Sound Necklace a bluetooth necklace headphones with interchangeable pendant for easy change of style. EMMESPHERE’s flagship product - the Lovesphere is the Gold Emmesphere sound necklace paired with a HANDCRAFTED 9-carat gold plated 925 sterling silver double heard jeweled piece mounted with cubic zirconia stone from our Precious Qliq! Collection. It is the perfect gift to show your love!

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At EMMESPHERE, we hold close to heart these three ‘EM’s as it represents the inner beauty, strength and confidence that people from all walks of life have in their own ways. Individuals thrive when they uphold the quintessence of their true self, regardless of societal boundaries and the obligation to adapt. We believe that everyone EMbodies great qualities in their own ways, and should feel at ease to EMbrace who they are and be EMpowered to be themselves.

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