IASO: Cold Laser Pain Relief Wearable Device

IASO: Cold Laser Pain Relief Wearable Device


FDA-registered, hands-free cold laser (red light or low level laser) pain relief device.

IASO is a FDA-registered, drug-free cold laser device that you can wear whenever, wherever.

It utilizes advanced low level laser therapy (LLLT) technology, which stimulates healing of body tissues and causes regeneration and relief from pain.

Compact, lightweight and rechargeable, IASO also comes with adhesive patches and an activity band that you can wear on the go.

IASO offers 3 modes: 1) Light therapy only, 2) Light therapy+Vibration, and 3) Light therapy + Pulse vibration.


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Wellscare was founded in 2016 with a group of engineers who originally developed a medical device dedicated to clinic use who were considering its development as a small and compact therapy device or low level laser therapy (LLLP), which is widely used for pain relief and blood flow improvement treatment. Furthermore, it is a wearable device so that it can be used in daily life. Wellscare expanded as a practice-based healthcare platform that can link personalized practice history management and appropriate treatment guide information by linking with a smartphone app. Wellscare continues to strive to provide innovative and effective healthcare products to the public.

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