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Hüpnos Anti-Snoring Sleep Mask

Hüpnos Anti-Snoring Sleep Mask


Snore-stopping sleep mask.

Hüpnos stops snoring without waking anyone up. Two clinically-proven snoring solutions — Exhalation Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP) and Positional Therapy (PT) — in one device create better sleep for the user and others.

  • EPAP nose cushion dilates and opens your airways
  • Gentle vibrations prompt movement (PT) when bad posture is detected
  • Snore detection through the app
  • Machine washable etachable mask
  • Silicone nosepiece hand-washable
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Q & A

Hüpnos exists to solve the number one sleep disruption: snoring. With experience in designing hardware and software, founder and CEO Curtis Ray looked at the core proven technologies used to reduce snoring and set out to design a sleep mask...Learn More about Hupnos