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VacOne™ Air Brewer

VacOne™ Air Brewer


VacOne™ uses air to brew smoother hot coffee and cold brew in 4 minutes.

VacTec™ air brewing technology reduces bitterness and acidity in hot coffee and makes an intense glass of cold brew in 4 minutes.

• Make hot coffee and cold brew
• Up to 14oz coffee serving size
• USB rechargeable – 100 coffees in one charge
• Hand blown glass serving carafe
• Reusable metal mesh filter.
• 16-month warranty
• 4.7" W x 4.7" D x 7.5


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Better Hot Coffee. Faster Cold Brew.



Q & A

VAC Air Brewers
VAC Air Brewers was started by two young Latin American entrepreneurs looking to innovate in a three hundred year old industry. It all started when Eduardo, an engineer and coffee aficionado, started experimenting with vacuum pumps to brew...Learn More about VAC Air Brewers