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Everence Collection Kit

Everence Collection Kit


Everence is one-of-a-kind jewelry and tattoo additive that brings what you love closer to you than ever.

It all begins with an Everence Collection Kit to collect your source.

Sources include Soil, Sand, Rock, Grass, Flower, DNA (cheek swab), Hair, or Ash.

Once you buy the Collection Kit visit to complete your purchase of a one-of-a-kind jewelry or tattoo additive that is medical grade and clinically tested.

You will see your Everence source shimmer in the jewelry you select. Both Everence jewelry and tattoo additives help you keep what you love closer than ever.

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Q & A

The idea for Everence was inspired by military families who, all too often, spend long periods of time away from loved ones. The team behind Everence came to understand the strength that comes from feeling connected to loved ones, especially...Learn More about Everence