Emmesphere Candytuft Sound Necklace (Silver)

Emmesphere Candytuft Sound Necklace (Silver)


Silver Emmesphere Wireless Sound Necklace with the Candytuft Filigree Qliq

The Emmesphere Sound Necklace a bluetooth necklace headphones with interchangeable pendant for easy change of style. It is available in Silver and Gold. This product comes with the Candytuft Qliq!, which is an interchangeable jeweled pendant from our Filigree collection - a precisely crafted floral pattern filled with pastel colored enamel and a Swarovski crystal as a centerpiece. You can also purchase other Qliq!s from our extensive range to add to your own collection and change your style!


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At EMMESPHERE, we hold close to heart these three ‘EM’s as it represents the inner beauty, strength and confidence that people from all walks of life have in their own ways. Individuals thrive when they uphold the quintessence of their true...Learn More about EMMESPHERE