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M1 Electrical Muscle Stimulation Massager

M1 Electrical Muscle Stimulation Massager


A single massager to provide 3 benefits, including pain relief, full body massage, and muscle building

Most of the EMS massagers in the market only come with a set of EMS pads. Besides of the 3 interchangeable pads with the package, M1 includes an additional 3 bonus EMS pads, i.e., a total of 6 EMS pads, for the customers to replace.


  • Effectively relieves shoulder and neck pain, adhesive capsulitis, back pain, myofascial pain, sciatica, and muscle strain
  • Iconic V pad to cure phubbers’ frozen shoulder and tennis elbow


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Product Video

b8ta Unboxed featuring Eleeels M1 Electrical Muscle Stimulation Massager


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