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EarCITY is a high sound quality, wireless, open-ear headset

EarCITY is a wireless headset that allows you to listen to music, radio, GPS and even phone calls while keeping the ear canals free.
Tired of your earbuds hurting your ears ?
Tired of feeling insolated because of wearing earphones all day ?
Millions of poeple suffer from wearing headset.
Check out EarCITY, a revolutionary new headset.
Whether you are a pedestrian, bikerider, scooter user, teleworker or an open-space worker, enjoy great sound comfort and safety while using earCITY.

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Earsquared is a french company born from the meeting between a French engineer and a Belgian ENT. Because our ears are not meant to be plugged, Earsquared offers free ears audio devices for more comfort and safety. Learn More about EARSQUARED