LUFT Duo - Air purified down to the molecule.

LUFT Duo - Air purified down to the molecule.


Solution for allergy sufferers & neutralizes pollutants, viruses and bacteria, and VOCs around you.

Designed to empower users to purify the air to breathe surrounded. Duo's patented SPP technology allows for total situational purification and comfort while turning on. For those who are sensitive to pollen, smoke, virus and bacteria.

• Anti Feline Corona Virus Approval
• Decompose Volatile Organic Vapors, ex Formaldehyde
• Destroy bacteria, fungus, and mold
• Office Desk, Sleeping Room and In the Car
• Personal Air Protection Bubble
• 2 times efficient than LUFT Cube
• PM2.5 Dust Collector


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LUFTQI - Rice Ear Ltd.
LUFTQI provides solutions for for allergy sufferers, and empower “Wellness on the go”. Learn More about LUFTQI - Rice Ear Ltd.