Krismark - Body Lotion

Krismark - Body Lotion


We source our ingredients from reliable suppliers in Northern Ghana through women’s Cooperatives.

This Body Lotion is made with Red Palm Oil and Shea Butter to moisturize body after washing or shower. Year round use and beneficial for all types of skin.

This luxurious body lotion is formulated with organic and edible Palm Oil and Shea Butter. Fortified with super vitamins, Tocotrienols, Vitamins E and beta Carotene. It helps in the cell renewal process. It moisturizes and softens dry parts of the skin naturally. It also, strengthens nails. Comes in Patchouli oil for a warm earthy scent.

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Krismark Cosmetics
Krismark is an organic hair and skin care brand utilizing Shea Butter and Red Palm Oil as basic ingredients. The company is involved in the conceptual stage to development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of hair and skin care products. We...Learn More about Krismark Cosmetics