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BioPad Electrical Muscle Stimulation Device A

BioPad Electrical Muscle Stimulation Device A


Muscle relief and toning electrical stimulation pad.

Addaday BioPad EMS A is an Electrical Muscle Stimulation device. EMS is a drug-free way of resetting and toning muscles and is medically proven to have vast benefits and rewards.

  • Uses an electrical current to tone and relax muscles
  • Battery operated and cordless
  • FDA cleared
  • Designed and tested in the U.S. by doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and elite athletes
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Addaday is a global fitness company focused on at-home, personalized recovery for everyone. Its technology is designed to help consumers move their best and LIVE YOUR FULLEST™. This was the goal when Addaday was founded in 2010 – to help...Learn More about Addaday