Luxe Sleep Mask-10% proceeds  for breast cancer

Luxe Sleep Mask-10% proceeds for breast cancer


Limited edition pink leopard print -giving 10% back to Breast Cancer Research & self care gifts for survivors.

Silken Pure's Mulberry Silk Sleep masks are 100% light blocking.

The outer shell and lining are pure mulberry silk. They feature a special elastic band to comfortably hold the mask in place without tugging on delicate skin.

Most other sleep mask are made from scratchy cotton, which is 20 times more absorbent and can hold bacteria against skin. Mulberry's fibers are smooth and comfortable and maintain a cool temperature all night long. Non-toxic, pure fibers.

Perfect for travel or home.


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Discover why Pure Silk Pillowcases are the missing link for radiant hair and skin. All of our silk comes directly from Farm to Home. I work directly with the silk farm/ manufacturer to ensure highest and purest quality. contains 18 amino acids.

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