Luxe Silk Mask- 10% proceeds to Breast Cancer, ACS

Luxe Silk Mask- 10% proceeds to Breast Cancer, ACS


Limited edition pink leopard print -giving 10% back to Breast Cancer Research & self care gifts for survivors.

Mulberry Silk Face Mask ~ Adjusting to new norms with style, grace, and health is essential to living well.

Product features ~
1. Three layers of mulberry silk with sewn in pockets to hold disposable HEPA filter.
2. Includes 7 disposable HEPA filters, Adjustable elastic straps, and built in nose fitting.
3. Hypoallergenic ~ for sensitive skin ~ fewer breakouts
4. Natural Temperature Regulator
5. Non-medical grade
6. Natural Elegance
7. Smooth natural fibers with nontoxic dyes
8. Hand wash


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