BALMUDA The Toaster

BALMUDA The Toaster


Steam technology and precise temperature control brings out taste, aroma and texture in every kind of bread.

Steam Technology: 
A unique feature is the 5 cc of water poured into the toaster at the beginning. Steam envelops the bread, lightly toasting its surface, while keeping moisture and flavor from escaping.

Temperature Control:
Precise control of three temperature zones creates superb contrasts of flavor and texture: crisp and savory on the surface, moist and fluffy inside.

5 Modes:
4 modes to heat various breads to perfection and an oven mode for other dishes.

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Product Video


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BALMUDA is a Tokyo-based creativity and technology company founded in 2003. We contribute to the world by using the power of technology to turn visions of the future into concrete reality. This is our mission. By thinking in entirely new ways, we make appliances offering unprecedented value.

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