BALMUDA The Kettle

BALMUDA The Kettle


A beautifully designed kettle that is easy to use and light to handle.

Expertly-crafted design:
Its compact size and expertly-crafted nozzle and handle make for a beautiful and easy to use design.

Perfectly sized:
Holds just enough water for three standard cups of coffee or two large mugs, perfect for common kitchen needs.

Unbelievably smooth pour:
Direct the water exactly where you want it to go, whether it is a delicate pour or a rapid flow.

Gentle Glow:
The delicate neon glow in the handle enriches the few minutes it takes to boil water.

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Product Video


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BALMUDA is a Tokyo-based creativity and technology company founded in 2003. We contribute to the world by using the power of technology to turn visions of the future into concrete reality. This is our mission. By thinking in entirely new ways, we make appliances offering unprecedented value.

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