AusAir Reusable Filtration Mask

AusAir Reusable Filtration Mask


The AusAir mask includes washable outer skins and replaceable filters that protect from airborne pollution.

Upgrade your breathing experience with AusAir’s AirFlex filtration masks. Designed in Australia, each mask pack includes reusable parts and replaceable filters that last up to 4 weeks. With memory nose foam, adjustable ear loops and form-fitting nose wire each mask is made for the perfect fit. AusAir’s filter media is FDA approved by a MedTech Lab, with over 99% protection from viruses, bacteria and PM0.1.

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Upgrade your breathing experience with AusAir's designer filtration masks and range of patent-pending 02Plus filters. Designed for comfort and breathability, each face mask protects against PM0.1, pollen, dust, germs and other airborne...Learn More about AusAir