Amalgam 1:18th Scale Models

Amalgam 1:18th Scale Models


Hand-built perfect scale replicas of the most historic and prestigious cars in the world

Amalgam Collection simply produce the best model cars in the world. Trusted by leaders in every area of automotive excellence and motorsport, we collaborate directly with manufacturers to ensure their works of art are perfectly recreated at 1:18 scale, capturing the beauty and passion behind some of the most iconic cars in history. Our hand-built models are immensely detailed and feature incredibly realistic interiors.

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Amalgam Collection occupies a unique place in the history of fine car models, fashioning unrivalled examples of the world’s most iconic and luxurious cars at scale. The only maker of model cars that can be considered alongside a maker of fine watches like Richard Mille, we have developed close partnerships with the world’s most important designers, engineers, drivers and manufacturer brands, not only delivering editions of models for their own internal use, but supplying development models, one-offs and displays of every kind.

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