Allbaro Portable

Allbaro Portable


A small but strong, comfortable and simple portable posture corrector with patented air cell technology

Allbaro Portable was designed to realign, strengthen and correct posture even on-the-go.

Users can adjust the air pressure by twisting the included hand air pump into the air valve and begin pumping until they achieve the perfect fit.

Allbaro Portable is created with high quality material and wide shoulder bands to provide long lasting comfort--even with extended use.

It also features air mesh fabric to prevent overheating and sweating.

*Recommend to order one size up


Q & A

Allbaro Air

Allbaro was founded with this subjective question: "Why can't we have a posture corrector that can be comfortably worn every day?" Good posture is a habit that requires consistency. And consistency depends on comfort. Our team searched for solutions and EUREKA! It was a paradigm shift: we’ve been trying to fit our body into a posture corrector. What we need is a Posture Corrector that Fits Our Body! Allbaro continues to provide a solution to bad posture in the most effective yet comfortable way.

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