Imagine your brand with its own store.

Opening stores isn’t easy. b8ta has it down to a science.

This is your store, Built by b8ta.

A flexible size to meet your needs.

Whether you're looking for a small-format shop-in-shop or a flagship, we’ll build the storefront that meets your needs.

Open conceptIn store
  • Flagship

    Starting at 500 square feet, a flagship store is the ultimate physical representation and touchpoint for your brand. 

  • Open-concept

    Starting at 200 square-feet our open-concept modular designs are located in high traffic, mall common areas. 

  • In-store

    Placement in our b8ta stores is designed for exposure and gathering data on consumers shopping your product. Learn more.

Access to the best real estate developers in the world.

Set up shop for the consumers you want. Our team will help you choose from hundreds of top shopping destinations to match the demographics that matter to you. If your dream location isn’t currently on our list, we’ll bridge the gap.

  • Your branding

    Our digital displays and premium signage opportunities ensure your store looks and feels like your brand. 

  • Custom displays

    Each product is accompanied by a custom display that allows you to upload your content. 

  • Beautiful fixtures

    From wall panels to tables, choose from a curated selection of beautiful materials to customize your store. 

  • Staffing

    We’ll hire, train, and manage your staff to match the same exceptional in-store service that b8ta is known for. 

  • Logistics

    Get the most out of your store with b8ta’s technology. Enable installation, post-purchase service, same-day delivery, website integration, and more, and we’ll handle it all. 

  • Data & analytics

    b8ta is the only retail platform that has everything needed to deploy and operate stores. Your stores will run on auto-pilot with industry best management. No platform exists today that’s as comprehensive, affordable, or easy to use. 

Ready to build your flagship?

We’d love to talk about your goals, questions, and what comes next once you’re ready to run with retail.

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